How to enjoy the JEJU LAF

You can enjoy the zip-line activity and fantastic Light Art Flash.

Also, feel relaxing your body with green tea foot bath

Light Art Flash

JEJU Light Art Flash(JEJU LAF) featuring works of art based on light.


Zip-line Activity

You can feel the thrill of the real zip-line, which has four courses, and green tea farm course with feeling the fragrance of green tea.


Experience green tea bath

The JEJU LAF Green Tea Bath experience is not just a foot in water, but herbal tea treatment for aromatherapy. Relax your tired body from journey.


JEJU Light Art Flash(JEJU LAF) featuring works of art based on light.

Light as a medium is mysterious, fantastic, awe, and sometimes stimulating our imagination, 

because of the infinite brightness and color that the form gives us.

The work of the world-class artist Bruce Munro creates a spectacular view of Jeju LAF.

His work is a large-scale installation/construction that deals with the connection between man and nature, 

and furthermore the experience of sharing that connection. 

Munro's feast of light is a joy and awe that expresses the inspiration he has accumulated over 

a long period of time against the ground and the sky.


Artist of participation

Bruce Munro

Tom Fruin

Jen Lewin

Jean Pigozzi

Jason Krugman

Lee, Byung Chan

All the art of JEJU LAF shows the harmony and reversal through 

the co-prosperity of light and darkness and conflict.

The co-prosperity of light and darkness is the focus of good and evil on each other’s existence,

You can think of a twinkling star as it can only shine in the dark night sky.