115-1, Seongyo-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do



By Car

Passed by Beonyeong-ro 

제주Jeju International Airport Ora Five-way Intersection (9 o’clock) → The National Museum junction(Turn right on Pyoseon, Beonyeong) → Beonyeong-ro (Route 97) → Daeheul Crossroad (Turn left on Hamdeong, Wasan) → Turn right on Waseon-ro  → Seonheul, Bukchon districts(Turn left and 900 meters) → JEJU LAF

Passed by Yeonsam-ro

Jeju International Airport Wolsung junction (Turn right) → Yeonsam-ro (7.33km) à Doryeon junction (Turn right on Pyoseon, Beonyeong) → Seonheul, hoecheon-dong (Turn left) → Jungsangandong-ro Sunin-dong (Turn left on Seonheul, Bukchon) →  Seonheul, Bukchon districts (Turn left and 900 meters) → JEJU LAF

By Public Transportation

Jeju Airport 325 or 326 → Tranfer to Hamdeong High School 704-1 or 704-3JEJU LAF

Jeju Airport 101 (Seogwipo Bus Terminal) → Tranfer to Hamdeong Station 704-1 or 704-3 → JEJU LAF