JEJU Light Art Festa (JEJU LAF)


Introducing various artwork by world-wide artist

Visitors will be able to enjoy the night of Jeju Island.

Radiosome, 2018

Jason Krugman

Radiosome slowly twirls in the darkness, accentuating its spiralling form. Situated in a large volcanic depression with a pool of water beneath, it is unclear if the sculpture has grown there or perhaps emerged from somewhere deeper down. Radiosome referred to the double spiral structure of DNA. It's moving to get closer to the natural world. It's because every living thing in nature moves.

Limo Land, 2018

Jean Pigozzi

Limo Land is a space where Mr. Limo and Ms. Limo, who accidentally arrived in Jeju, settled in love with the beautiful scenery of Jeju, lived in Jeju's natural caves, and melted away their unique visual and cultural features. The logo was inspired by a painting by George Lilanga 1934-2005 of the Tanzanian Maconde.

Urban Creature, 2018

Bungchan Lee 

Urban Creation is a symbolic representation work of the consumption of the ecosystem of cities. Byungchan Lee used symbolic materials to create a third life form that lives in cities. Plastic Bag represents waste beyond consumption, and by artificially inflating the air through motors, this strange creature is breathing in cities like ours.

Splyt Coral, 2018

Jason Krugman

Splyt Coral borrow their forms from the tree-like deep-sea worms that live adjacent to deep-sea vents. The sculptures are made with modular Y-shaped sections hand cut and welded from stainless steel tube. They are placed in nooks within Jeju's LAF's cave system, residing in a similar environment as the Urchins.

Cave Urchins, 2018

Jason Krugman

The tropical seas and incredible mollusks served as artistic inspiration in determining what other fantastic creatures could possibly exist within Jeju's underground volcanic ecosystem. Each urchin has a small sensor to detect motion nearby. It reflects its awareness of your presence by flicker the glowing lights within its dozens of protruding orbs.


Desolenator & Jason Krugman

It is an artistic representation work of the technology utilization process of solar energy, which is a core element in the future earth’s environment. 

Digital Geology-Boulder

Jason Krugman 

In this manifestation of site specific art, there large boulders split open to reveal enormous geodes with an interesting digital mutation. Thousands of tiny lights from rocks that seem to permeate the modern technology era are also digital signals. Crystal shows the beauty and mystery of nature, because it shows the most unique and symbolic chemistry that forms the physical structure of the world in which we live.


Bruce Munro

At the age of 21 Munro read a book called The Gifts of Unknown Things by Lyall Watson, a radical thinker operating on the margins of accepted science. In it Watson describes Tia, a young girl living on an island in the Indonesian archipelago who possesses the magical gift of seeing sounds in colour, a phenomenon known as Colour Synesthesia. About 30 years, this story became an inspiration to Munro’s work, and it was created a maze of vibrant colors, music and water.

Diatom Cluster, 2018

Jason Krugman

The work was inspired by a microbiological object called "a diatom," which is the main material for the fabric. This single-celled organism is an important part of the natural system that produces about 20 percent of the oxygen on Earth. The body of the diatom has a beautiful symmetry, an organic visualization of a complex calculus formula.

OREUM, 2018

Bruce Munro

The inspiration for Oreum stems from Munro’s original work Field of Light which is Munro’s representative work, designed in 1992 while traveling in central Australia. Jeju Island has been an island that stimulates his mind, spirit, and imagination since Munro first visited it. Especially, it was interesting to connect myth and beauty of landscape from old times. Also he wanted express his respect to Oreum scattered all over the island.

Particle Mass, 2018

Jason Krugman

Particle Mass is a dynamic work that takes advantage of the wind and light. Particle Mass is a kinetic light sculpture that uses thousands of points of reflected light to visualize subtle changes in the breeze. The modularity and durability that the work shows are derived from attempts to imitate nature. The soft lighting that illuminates the work in the dark makes the viewer observe the movement of the air and create a calm ventilation of the work.

Digital Geology- Crystals

Jason Krugman

The exhibition site of the painting is a volcanic cave in the Jeju LAF, which is set in a unique background. On the volcanic island of Jeju, a crystal LED sculpture is located in an extension of the surrounding land and geologic formation water.

The Pool [Reflect], 2018

Jen Lewin

Reflect is an adaptation of The Pool that uses a system of interactive, reflective dichroic platforms to create a dynamic landscape of interactive light. During the day Reflect shifts in color and reflection, mirroring the sky within a walkable dichroic surface. At night, Reflect flows and glows in full illuminated interactivity, engaging large groups in collaborative and connected play.

Odumak, 2018

Tom Fruin

Odumak is one of the ICON series, the fourth home-style installation by Tom Fruin. The color palette and pattern of the hut contain the artist's agony, considering the seasonal variations in Jeju's landscape and the fact that it is installed on the surface of the water.