Zip-line Jeju above the green tea field

Zip-line Jeju is designed to enjoy varied nature of Geomun Oreum and quiet and peaceful of green tea fields.

As you pass the four courses, confidence and enjoyment are added, and you will experience the dynamic thrill and fun of the more intense Zip-line.

Zip-line! The name means you can hear the ‘zi~ip!’ sound when you move.

Fee Table

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Individual (Adult, Child)
30,000 won
Resident of Jeju
25,000 won
Group (A Minimum of 10 person)
Inquire here: Call Center

Hours of Operation

Spring (Apr,May), 
Fall (Oct,Nov)
09:00 ~ 18:00
Summer (Jun~Sep)
09:00 ~ 19:00
Winter (Dec~Mar)
09:00 ~ 17:00

Boarding Clothes

- Please tie your hair if you have long hair.

- Wear shoes that cover the entire foot (no sandals, high heels, etc.)

- Wear pants that are more than knee length (can’t wear a skirt)

Boarding Restriction

- Those weighing less than 30kg or more than 100kg

- Anyone who has a pregnancy, a mental patient, a heart patient, 

  or other musculoskeletal disorders

- Anyone who has altitude flight or acrophobia

- Drinkers

Course 1

Cut through the cedar forest!

Course length 171 meters, mid-level course

The first of the four courses in Zip-line Jeju.

Across the forest of cedar spread out below. You can see Mt.Hallasan.

A course that gives a sense of the beauty of the Zip-line.

Course 2

Crossing the green tea field, 

a full-scale challenge!

Course length 174 meters, mid-level course

A course that crosses the vast green tea field beneath your feet, with the scent of green

You can feel the thrill of a full-scale of Zip-line.

Course 3

Jump the Pond!

Course length 52 meters, beginning-level course

Though it is the shortest course in Zip-line Jeju, you can feel thrilling crossing a pond.

Not to fall into the pond!

Course 4

Let's look at the blue sea!

Course length 223 meters, high-level course

Two-passenger boarding course (One-passenger boarding may stop in the middle)

As the last course of the Zip-line Jeju, you can enjoy the memories of
the Zip-line while looking at Jeju’s blue sea.

Two passengers ride at the same time, so you can enjoy it
with your family, lovers, and friends. Enjoy it !